Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Vendors

These Frequently Asked Questions are intended for vendors who are issuing fishing licences using our Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System. You can download and print a copy of these FAQs. Please contact your Service BC Centre if you have further questions.

1 - What is an "E-Licence"?

An E-Licence is a Non-tidal Angling Licence issued by the B.C. Government’s Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System over the Internet.

2 - Who uses the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System?

  • An angler can buy an E-Licence and pay by credit card over the Internet.
  • A licence vendor can issue a licence using the E-Licensing System.  The angler pays the vendor for the licence who in turn provides them with a printed copy.
  • Any Service BC Centre can issue a licence using the E-Licensing System. 

3 - What does the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System do for the vendor?

A vendor can use the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System to record the sale of a fishing licence, and issue and print the licence for the customer.

When the vendor sends payment of the total sales less commission to Service BC (usually at the end of each month or as scheduled in the Licence Vendor Contract), the vendor can use the System to automatically generate and print a Settlement Report.  The report shows all the E-Licence sales and commissions for the settlement period, as well as any licences that the vendor has cancelled.

4 - Can I see an overview of how to use the E-Licensing System before I use it?

See the Tutorial for Vendors at Tutorial for Vendors which provides an overview including pictures of the screens.

5 - When will I be able to start using the E-Licensing System?

A vendor will be able to use the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System after (a) obtaining a B.C. Government Logon ID called a BCeID as described below, and (b) being enrolled by Service BC as a user of the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System.    

For questions, please contact your Service BC staff in the office responsible for your vendor contract.

6 - How can I get a BCeID?

BCeID is an online service that makes it possible for you to use a Logon ID and password to sign in securely to BCeID-participating Government online services.  The Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System is one of many BCeID-participating services.

In preparation for your participation in the E-Licensing program, you may wish to visit the BCeID web site at to obtain your Business BCeID.

With a BCeID you can sign in to the BC Government’s participating sites using your BCeID and a single password so you don't have to remember a different Logon ID and password at every web site.

For questions about BCeID, please phone the BCeID Help Desk at 1-888-356-2741 or see

7 - What do I need to use the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System?

You need:

  • A Business BCeID Logon ID and password.

  • Enrollment by Service BC as a user of the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System.
  • A computer connected to the Internet.

  • A printer to print the fishing licences.  The printer must be loaded with letter-sized paper.  You will need to give the printed licence to the customer.

  • One of the following compatible web browsers:
    • Internet Explorer version 6 or higher,
    • Firefox version 2 or higher,
    • Google Chrome, or
    • Safari 3.1 or higher.

    If the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System detects that you have an incompatible browser, it will display a “Browser Not Compatible” error message.

  • The Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System uses pop-up windows, therefore you must have pop-up blocking software turned off.

  • Adobe Reader version 6 or higher is needed to print licences which will be PDF documents. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, or you need to upgrade to a later version, you can download a free copy of Adobe Reader.

8 - How do I go to the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System?

After you have your business BCeID and password, and after your Service BC office has enrolled you as a user of the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System, you can go to the Home page and click on the “Issue Licences” button in the right column. Proceed to enter your BCeID and password log in information and click ‘next’.  You will then be taken to the Main Menu to select any of the functions listed.

9 - What kinds of licence can I sell?

The E-Licensing System lets you issue Basic Non-tidal Angling Licences, Conservation Surcharges, and Classified Waters Licences.

10 - Does it cost more to sell a fishing licence online?

There is no cost to selling an e-licence.  However, the vendor is responsible for the cost of obtaining a computer, printer, printer ink, paper and an Internet connection.

11 - How can I cancel a licence and issue a refund?

The Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System allows you to cancel an E-Licence up to 90 minutes after you have issued it.  After the 90 minutes has passed, you can request cancellation of a licence by clicking on the Vendor Licence Cancellation Request Form under the Issue Licence button on the E-Licensing Home page and once complete either click submit on the form or print off and fax it to 250-387-4339.

You might want to cancel a licence, for example:

  • if the customer leaves the store without paying for the licence,
  • if the customer has made a mistake and wants to purchase a different licence, or
  • if the customer changes his mind and does not want to buy the licence.

The Reference Guide for Vendors provides more detailed instructions on how to cancel a licence.


You can give the customer a refund yourself if you have cancelled the licence within the 90 minute period and the customer has already paid. 

12 - What should I do if I can't issue an E-Licence because the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System is out of service?

Whenever you encounter an issue that prevents your accessing the E-Licensing System, contact your Service BC office during government business hours first.  They will gather information from you and report it to the Application Administrator. 

We try to provide constant service, however planned and unplanned outages may occasionally occur.  Once you have logged into the E-Licensing System, you will see on the Main Menu page, notification and details of any scheduled outages that will affect the vendor site. This banner type message may also be posted should information to all vendors about a current issue be required. 

In the event of an unplanned system outage outside of government business hours, you can report it by email to

13 - What should I do if I can't create my Settlement Report because the Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System is out of service?

You can create your Settlement Report online and submit it to Service BC with payment after the System is restored. 

Normally Service BC can terminate a vendor’s contract if the Settlement Report is late three times.  However, lateness due to a system outage will not count for this purpose.